Thursday, October 1, 2015

Lybrate: Consult Top Doctors Of India From Your Smartphone

      Hi Friends, Technology is growing day by day & internet is become essential part of life. Smartphones are performing important role to stay us INTERNET connected always. You can get any information on Internet & internet is boon when we use it for good deeds. Demand of Android smartphone in the market is increasing because you can do number of things on Android smartphone. We already know Android is Google's mobile operating system. In the last post I was shared top heart rate monitor apps with you. 

     Today I am sharing again one health related app with you i.e. Lybrate. Lybrate is a top rated health app. In this app upto 80,000+ socialist doctors from India are available to solve your health related queries & to take care of your health. Find top nearest doctor in your city & book appointment from your smartphone. You can stay in touch with the doctor easily with this app. This app is very useful for pregnant womens or such a patients who need day to day care. You can ask your health realated question anonymously in their forum for free. Consult your trusted doctor & pay fees from this app. You can communicate with doctor by video call or by private chat on whatsapp. If you are living away from your family in another city, this app is very useful for you to manage health issues of your mom & dad. So download it now & have a healthy life....:-)

• Features Of Lybrate:

1. Basic Plan:
It's free to use & you can ask your health related issues directly to docters in the forum anonymously. 

2. Prime Plan:
This is a premium plan to consult the doctors online. Consult your trusted doctor privately over text chat, audio or video call. 

3. Daily Health Tips:
Follow health topics as per your need & intrest to get daily health tips from specialist doctors. This including Pregnancy, Diseases & Conditions, Parenting, Everyday Healthy Living, Healthy Diet, Improving Relationship, Sex Tips, Weight Loss Tips, Blood Pressure Control, Suger Control, Pet Health & many more topics.

4. Find a Specialist:
Find a specialist doctor & book appointment from this app. Here is a list of common specialists available to help you
• Ayurveda
• Cardiologist
• Dietitian
• Gynaecologist
• Homeopath
• Psychiatrist
• Psychologist
• Orthopedist
• Urologist 
• Diagnostics
• Dentist 
• Dermatologist
• ENT Specialist
• General Physician
• Pediatrician
• Physiotherapist
• Opthalmologist
• Serologist 
• Pathologist

5. Manage Your Health Profile:
Store your health reports online by capturing a photo so that you can access it any time, anywhere from "Documents" section of the app. No need to keep paper records always. Manage your appointments, prescriptions & all the data relaed to your treatment.

6. Special Discount Offer:
This app is providing discount coupons to the users so they will get concession when they consult doctors from this app.

7. Emergency:
Manage your emergency settings & set emergency contracts here. So you can easily contact them in an emergency situations. save your family doctor's number here & will be informed in an medical emergency.

8. Find Ambulance:
Go to "Emergency" section of this app to findouut Ambulance from your current location by use of GPS or find ambulance by searching name of your city.


Sunday, September 20, 2015

Everything You Want To Know About Hike Messenger 4.0

     As we know that Hike is a made in India Insatnat Messaging App, we are very proud of it. Hike is a best competitor to Whatsapp. Hike introduced it's new version 4.0 with major update. This version is available for both Android & iOS users. New update comes with new design along with lots of new features like stickers, chat themes, hidden mode & more. At the launch of Hike 4.0 Mr. Kavin Bharti Mittal CEO & Founder Of Hike said,
"We are extremely excited to bring Hike 4.0 to the market. It's been 6 months in the making and it's really a big update from it's predecessors. One can immediately tell the difference on how quick 4.0 is within a few minutes of using it and with the update. We have also bought a ton of new features in the market including sticker suggestion, 100mb files, Photo filters amongst a host of others. We can't wait for users across India to upgrade to Hike 4.0." I am sharing new features of Hike with you & the information about how to use it. Download Hike today & recommended it to your friends & relatives to support made in India.

• Group Chat:
Hike 4.0 with unique group chat features. I never seen this features on any other instant messaging app.
1. 500 Members Capacity.
2. Free group calling with 100 peoples
3. Multiple Admin System.
4. Photo Filter & Doodles.
5. Share any documents upto 100Mb like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Pdf, Apk etc.
6. You can hide your private group chat & protect it with password or pattern lock.
7. Create Pin to send any important notes or messages.
8. Voice chat
9. Upto 5000 Free Stickers & Emojis.
10. Search feature to search any post from group directly by typing few words of it.

• Hidden Chat Mode:
Hike 4.0 has  new amazing privacy option to hide your personal chats. Yes it is possible. If you don't like to share your private chats with others then hide it & protect with a password or pattern lock. Tap & hold on the chat which you want to hide and click to "Hide Chat". Now create password security or pattern lock. When you want to read your private chats click to "Hike Logo" which is located on right top of the screen to enter in the Hidden Chat Mode. Now enter password or pattern lock. When you done the chatting & want to hide it again, just single tap on Hike Logo or it will be automatically hidden when you exit the app. If you want to unhide any chat then tap & hold on it and select "Mark as visible."  I hope you like this feature.

• Add To Favorite:
You can control the privacy of your Status & Profile Picture. Your Dp & Status will be shown only whom you add to "Favorite" list. So don't forget to add as favorite if you wanna share your dp & status with someone. Add it to favorite by visiting his/her profile.

• Hide Last Seen:
You can choose who can see your last seem details. There are 4 choices as Everyone, My Contacts, Favorites & Nobody.

• Sticker Suggestions:
Turn on Sticker Suggestions & Auto Suggest Stickers from Chat Settings in Hike. This feature suggests you stickers while you are typing. It shows mating stickers to the text you are typing. Just tap on blue words to see sticker suggestion.

• Timeline:
Hike introduced personal timeline for users. Here you can express your moods along with status. Your friends can like the posts by you. Share all the things with your friends.

• News On Hike:
Go to "Rewards/Extras" section from your hike app & turn it on. Hike shares news updates from top international newspapers like NDTV, DNA, The Times Of India, Top Stories & more.

• Natasha:
Hike introduced new amazing feature called Natasha. Natsaha is your personal assistant on Hike. You can ask her about weather reports of your city, facts, movie details or if you are searching meaning of word then ask her. She is online 24 hours a day. She reply you instantly when your message delivered to her. Thanks to hike for such a wonderful feature. Learn lots of things from her. Meet Natasha Today. To enable this feature just go to "Rewards/Extras" section from your hike app.

Here's a list of all the stuff With Natasha can help you. Type the code word & your qwery. This is a standard format. For example, If you want to know weather report of your city then send message to her like this"#Weather Your City Name. It will immediately send you weather report. Here's a list of all the stuff With Natasha can help you :

#quiz: Play an awesome quiz with me on your Android phone. Bollywood, Cricket, Ads, GK & more.

#coupons: Get awesome coupons and discounts for your favorite brands!

#movie NAME: Check out any movie - details, ratings etc.

#weather PLACE: Check out the weather at any place.

#wiki NAME: Search Wikipedia for anything you want.

#fakecall: Stuck somewhere? We’ll give you a fake call in a minute

#quote: We’ll send you an awesome quote whenever you want it.

#fact: Awesome facts, served steaming hot, whenever you want it!”

#more: Get a list of every service on hike.

#dict WORD: Don't know the meaning
of a word someone just messaged you? Try out my built in dictionary!

#bored: Bored? Try me.

#book NAME: Get the details of any book you're interested in.

#rajini: Rajinikanth uses hike! Here's some other awesome stuff he does!

#wordrush: Play Word Rush and show off your English skills! Challenge your friends by forwarding it to them.

#about: Get to know more about me and how I work.

Happy Hiking To You..:-)


Thursday, August 13, 2015

Top 3 Apps To Monitor Blood Pressure On Your Android Smartphone

      Have you thinked that you can measure blood pressure on your smartphone? Yes, it's possible. You can check your blood pressure at any time. This apps are really helpful for low & high blood pressure patients. Health apps are becoming very popular daya by day.You can check heart rate, blood pressure, lungs capacity, hearing capacity, vision capacity and more. If you notice that your blood pressure is low or high then immediately consult the Doctor. I am sharing popular apps here. Please consult your own physician or health care provider before using this apps & confirm its accuracy.

1. Cardiograph:
This is an application which measures your heart rate. You can create multiple profiles here. Save your heart rate details with date & time for future reference. This app uses camera lens to measure heart rate. Cover the camera lens with your finger & click to start. It take few seconds to record your heart rate. You can see details on single page like cardiograph. Avoid moving finger while measuring heart rate. Don't press your finger too hard. This app also supports on Android Wear Watches.

2. Instant Heart Rate:
This is best heart rate monitor app for any smartphone. The accuracy of this app is tested by fitness coaches, nurses, doctors. It also having the option to share the heart rate data with Google Fit. This works best with LED Flash devices. For non LED Flash devices it has to be used in good lightning.

3. iCare Blood Pressure Monitor:
This application comes with lots of features like you can perform various tests. You can check your blood pressure & heart rate in this app. You can also check hearing, vision, Lungs capacity, Respiratory rate, Oxygen tests. You can manage your daily health plan in this app. This app could monitor blood pressure with approx + -10%


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Link Your EPIC Voter Card With Aadhaar Card

     Election Commission Of India has started the linking of Voter ID With Aadhaar Card. The Election Commission is taking this action to avaoid fraud voting in election and to eliminate duplicate Voter ID's from the Voter List. So everyone must link their Aadhaar With Voter ID. In upcoming elections voters with Aadhaar linking only can Vote. Help Election Commission to eliminate bogus voters by linking your Aadhaar Card.

     In this post I will tell you how to link Voter ID (EPIC Card) With Aadhaar Card. Just follow the steps below.

Election Photo Identity Card (EPIC):
You know EPIC Card? I know you are getting confused. EPIC Card is nothing but Voter ID Card. Election Photo Identity Card is most commonly known as Voter ID in our county. The government was introduced EPIC Card in 1979 in Sikkim.

There are different methods to link Voter ID with Aadhaar Card. I am writing online linking process in brief here. Voter from any State Of India can use this method to link their Aadhaar Card With Voter ID.

1. Visit The Official Website Of "National Voters Services Portal" here.

2. You will see form on the page. First you have to Search your name from the Voter List. There are two options available on this website.

• Search By Details:
If you choose this option, You have to fill up the form with details like Your name, Father's/Husband's name, Age/Date Of Birth, State, City etc. now click to "Search". When you click to Search, Your details get listed below.

• Search By EPIC No:
If you select this option, You can find out your name in Voter List very quickly. You just need to enter EPIC Number From Your Voter ID & them select your State. When you click "Search", Your details will be listed below.

3. When you search your name by using one of the process mentioned above, your details will be listed. Now just click to "Feed Aadhaar Number".

4. Now you will see another window with form asking details like Name in Aadhaar, EPIC No, Mobile No, Email etc. Fill up form & "Submit" it. You will see the notification like this after submission.
"Your request For Liking Aadhaar Number With Electoral Database has been successfully registered"
Now your request has been successfully submitted & it is under process. To check your linking status, Just repeat the steps above it will show you notification like this.
" Your Request For Linking Aadhaar With Electoral Roll was already registered and is under process."

° Link Voter ID With Aadhaar Card By sMs:
You can submit your Aadhaar linking request by sending an sms to 166 or 51969 as below.
ECILINK <EPIC Number> <Aadhaar Number>

° Link Voter ID With Aadhaar Card By Making A Call:
Just make a call to 1950 between 10.00am To 5.00pm & tell them Voter ID, Aadhaar details for linking process.
I hope this article will help you. Don't forget to write me via comments or Contact page.
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Monday, March 16, 2015

How To Use Metric Outside Micrometer & Least Count

Micrometer is based on the principle of Nutbolt. When nut completes 1 rotation then nutbolt travels distance equal to pitch in micrometer. Thimble is working as a Nut and Barrel is working as Bolt.

● Parts of Metric Outside Micrometer:-

1. Frame:-
Frame is made of cromium steel and used to give support. On the one end Anvil is fixed and on another end there is a hole for the sliding movement of spindle.

2. Anvil:-
This part is fixed at the one end of frame. This parf is made of Nikel cromium steel. While taking measurements Anvil works as a supporter.

3. Spindle:-
This is a sliding part made of Nikel cromium steel. This part have 50 equal threads of 1\2 mm/0.5 mm pitch This threading is associated on outer edge of spindle.

This part is connected to frame and this part have Detumilne on center which contains equal 25 parts marking and value of each Part is equal to 1 mm. This 25 divisions are called as 'Big Division.' On the bottom of detum line small division markig is there. Small divisions makes parts of 0.5 mm that means value of each small division is 0.5 mm.

This is a moving part on Borrol which have taper part. This taper part is known as Bivel Edge. Bivel edge contains equal 50 divisions.

6. Ratchet Stop:-
To take accurate reading, this ratchet stop is used. When spindle edge touches to job it will make the sound cut-cut.

● Available Sizes:-
Outside micrometers are avilabil in difference of 25 mm in following sizes O-25mm, 25-50mm, 50-75mm, 75-,100mm,---------275-300m.

● Use of Metric Outside Micrometer & Other Micrometers:-
1. To measure outside diameter up to 0.01mm
2. To measure inside diameter
3. To measure depth
4. To measure pitch of threads
5. To measure groove diameter

● Precautions While Using Micrometer:-
1. Handle the micrometer very smoothly and carefully.
2. Always set zero before using micrometer.
3. Use Ratchet stop to tske accurate reading.
4. When Ratchet makes sound stop rotating thimble.
5. To avoid the change in taken reading use locknut.
6. Don't use micrometer on rough surface.

First we findout the value of thimble's 1 division. Let us consider,
1 division of thimble = X
Therefore, 50 divisions of Thimble = 1/2.
(1 Rotation Of Thimble/50 divisions = 1/2mm)
Therefore, 50 divisions oof Thimble = 0.5mm
Therefore, 50X = 0.5
Therefore, X = 0.5/50
Therefore, X = 0.01mm

Least Count Of Micrometer = 0.01mm

● Types Of Micrometer:-
1. Outside Micrometer
2. Digital Micrometer
3. Inside Micrometer
4. Flange Micrometer
5. Depth Micrometer
6. Screw Thread Micrometer
7. Interchangeable Micrometer
8. Center Micrometer
9. Vernier Outside Micrometer

● How To Read Micrometer:-
1. First read complete Big divisions
2. Now read Small division
3. Then read Thimble division
4. Addition of all three is your final reading.

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Monday, February 23, 2015

How To Use Vernier Caliper & Least Count Of Vernier Caliper

     Vernier Caliper is most important precision instrument which is used to measure lengths, depths,widths in industries. I am sharing my knowledge about this precision instrument. I hope you will fully understand Vernier Caliper. Comments & suggestions are always welcome..
Stay Tuned For Tech With Style..:-)
Vernier caliper is based on the principle of the distance between two moving scales. Vernier caliper is a precision measuring instrument used to measure inside dimensions, outside dimensions & depth. Vernier caliper is made up of Nickel Chromium Steel. You can measure 0.02mm on Vernier caliper.
Parts Of Vernier Caliper:
• Fix Jaw:
This part is fixed at the left end of the beam or main scale. This part is used as a support while taking outside dimensions.
• Movable Jaw:
This is a sliding part moving on main scale. Dimensions are taken by moving movable jaw.
• Inside Jaws Or Nibs:
This part is used while taking inside dimensions. You have to rest both ends to the surface to take inside dimensions. This part is also known as Internal attachment.
• Beam:
Beam is a main body of vernier. Marking of vernier scale in mm & inches are placed on this part.
• Locknut Or Locking Screw:
There are two locking screws used on Vernier caliper. Fine Adjusting Locking Screw & Movable Jaw Locking Screw. While taking accurate measurements fine adjusting locknut is used to lock fine adjusting attachment. To avoid the change in measured reading movable jaw locknut is used to lock the movable jaw.
•  Depth Gauge:
This part is used to take depth measurements.
• Available Sizes:
Vernier Calipers are available in following sizes.
O-100mm, 0-150mm, O-300mm, 0-600mm, 0-1000mm etc.
• Uses Of Vernier Caliper:
1. To measure outside dimensions
2. To measure inside dimensions
3. To measure depth
4. To measure Thickness
5. To measure Width
• Precautions While Using Vernier Caliper:
1. Always set zero before using Vernier Caliper
2. Use fine adjusting screw to take accurate reading
3. Use movable jaw locking screw to lock the taken reading.
4.  Use Vernier Caliper smoothly and don't use it forcefully.
5. Calibrate Vernier Caliper in every 3 months to avoid errors and to maintain the Quality Control
• Least Count:
Least count is a minimum dimension can be measured by the precision instrument. Leastcount of Vernier Caliper is 0.02mm i.e. 20 Microns
• Calculate Least Count Of Vernier Caliper:
First we match 49 divisions of main scale with 50 divisions of vernier scale.
Vernier scale 50 divisions = Main scale's 49 divisions
We consider, 1 division of vernier scale = X
Therefore,  50X = 49
X = 49/50
Least count = 1 main scale division - 1 vernier scale division
Least count = 1/1-49/50
                      = 1*50 -1*49/1*50
                      = 50-49/50
                      = 1/50
                      = 0.02mm
Least count Of Vernier Caliper = 0.02mm i.e. 20 Microns
Types Of Vernier Caliper:
1. Vernier Caliper
2. Depth Vernier Or Depth Caliper
3. Digital Vernier Caliper
4. Dial Vernier Caliper
5. Vernier Height Gauge
How To Take Measurements On Vernier Caliper:
1. Move movable jaw on main scale and rest the both ends to take measurement.
2. Use fine adjusting screw for accuracy
3. Use locknut to lock the taken dimension
4. Now read main scale reading & read completed divisions of main scale by vernier scale's zero. 1 division of Main scale = 1mm
5. Now read the nearest division of vernier scale is correctly matching to main scale. 1 division of Vernier scale = 0.02mm i.e. 20 Microns
6. Do the addition of main scale & vernier scale reading. This is your final measured dimension on Vernier Caliper.

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